Yeah, baby, yeah

April 07, 2017

Another flashback friday...because I'm exhausted, and my brain doesn't work.

Dear Mojoceratops (or as we've been calling you, Mojosaurus),

When I first heard about you I thought Ben was lying, because let's be honest here, he does have a tendency to over exaggerate (meaning: straight out lie his face off, constantly). Then I immediately pictured a T-Rex with Austin Powers' head saying such insightful things as "I've got mojo, baby. Yeah!" and flailing his little arms around to a spiffy tune while dancing down the streets of London. Imagine my supreme disappointment when I found out that this was not the case. Well, first I was shocked that something true slipped from my youngest brother's lips and THEN I was disappointed in your severe LACK of mojo. Apparently you 'earned' the name Mojoceratops because of your ostentatious, heart-shaped, frilly head. I'm not even going to touch that. So, in my mind you will always be called Mojosaurus and look like a T-Rex with Austin Powers head. If you don't like it, lodge a complaint...oh, wait...that's right. You're EXTINCT. Burn.


P.S. This is you in my head

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