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April 25, 2017

  You know what the absolute best thing about creeping up on 40 is? I honestly don't give one holy fuck of a gram what other people think about me. All these super judgmental people who think their opinions matter, or that I will give a tinker's damn what they think is 'cool', can go royally fuck themselves with a rusty tire iron.

  Do you honestly think that constantly criticizing or shaming other people makes you a good person? Or do you not care about being a good person as long as people think you're popular and cool? This isn't high school. Grow the fuck up, and stop acting like a 15 year old mean girl/boy. You don't like something that someone else does? Fine. Keep it to yourself, and let them enjoy it. You see someone who feels like they are looking pretty cute, but you think they look stupid or 'embarrassing'. Keep it to your damn self.

  What's not really astonishing in the least, is that it's usually the fakest people who sit in their privilege, basking in their own perceived awesomeness that do this the most. Their 'I'm-so-cool-look-at-me-everything-I-like-is-awesome-and-I'll-shit-on-anything-you-like-that-I-don't' attitude typically makes them visible from a mile away. I'll do my best not to associate with someone like that more than I have to. It's when I see them judging and shaming others that I get insanely pissed off.

  I will make an absolute idiot out of myself just to get a laugh. If I can't be myself around you without you constantly judging and gossiping, I won't be around you longer than necessary. Exit, stage left...go find something that matters and donate all that wasted energy there.

   What's more, I'm a grown ass adult. I am 100% fully capable of making my own decisions. Some people may not agree with my choices, and they don't fucking have to. I don't live my life based on the opinions of others. My life, my decisions don't have to make a goddamn bit of sense to anyone except me. People who truly care for you will stand beside you even if they think you're making a mistake...and they won't constantly tell you that you're being a fucking idiot. 10/10 times, I already know I'm probably being a fucking idiot, but taking a chance and being an idiot is kind of my thing.

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