You Know It's Bad When I'm Listening To Sad Bear

April 19, 2017

When you feel like everything is falling apart, your heart aches, and/or you feel so goddamn unbearably lonely, I think it's normal to want to seek the comfort of the familiar. You feel damn near sucked dry from circumstances/life, and suddenly you find yourself wanting to run into the arms of someone who knows you. Someone who was a source of comfort and understanding in the past. It's the same feeling of coming home after a long, cold day, and slipping into your most comfy, warm pajamas. You can be completely yourself. The thought feels soothing when you feel lost...because they felt like home at one time.

I'm not saying it's rational, or a good idea...I'm just saying that the desire is natural.

Having a history with someone can be undeniably seductive. Not necessarily in a good way. If there was ever a time when just being with someone gave you a sense of calm, peace, and contentment, it's easy to find yourself craving their company again. Even to just cling to five minutes of the shelter of that familiar warmth and serenity. Even if it's a lie. Even if everyone around you screams about what a bad idea it is. It's still normal to want to feel that sense of home and acceptance in the midst of so much chaos and sadness.


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