I'm Not Perfect, but Parts of Me Are Spectacular!

June 01, 2017

This morning (while I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, naked, drying my hair) I made myself take a long look at all of the parts of my body that make me cringe. After losing 120lbs I have a belly pooch that droops and sags in a very unflattering way. I have stretch marks from boob to thigh, and the ones on my tummy are long and puffy. My boobs have succumbed to gravity's heartless influence. I have cellulite on my butt and thighs. My 37 year old body does not look like anything you will find in popular magazines or movies.
You know what though?
It's still pretty goddamn awesome.

I work out...a couple of days a week. I eat right...most of the time. I take care of myself...for the most part (I have vices). I'm doing pretty okay. So, honestly, fuck this constant feeling like my body isn't attractive enough. It's not like I'm hurting for company, so why the ever McLovin' hell am I sitting around beating myself up because my body isn't the prevailing societal definition of 'perfect'? Answer? I'm not gonna.

Furthermore, if I feel like showing off my body in any way shape or form, I'm going to. If I want to wear a bikini, I'm going to. If I feel like snapping a photo of me in my underwear (for someone else or just for my own damn self) I'm going to. If you don't like it...I do not give one single solitary freshly baked fuck. Sweet baby Raptor Jesus on stuffed crust pizza dough, stop being so goddamn judgmental, and let someone feel good about themselves. Also, fuck you. Many people who judge and shame individuals for not adhering to puritanical social mores that shame the free expression of female sexuality in all its forms are usually some of the first to insist that they are soOoOoOoOo open minded and progressive.

So, fuck it. I'm going to revolt and choose to think I'm damn fine...supposed flaws and all.

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  1. When do we get to see those speactacular parts? ;-)

    1. When I get through moving and unpacking, y'all can come over...or when I get paid I can do something cheap, lol ❤️

    2. Awesome! You should come to my place for dinner this weekend if you're available one evening. That'll be really cheap cause its free! 🤓

  2. Short and to the point. Enjoyed reading this!